Top 6 Places to See in Buxton

Places to See in Buxton

Buxton Woods

At the widest part of the widest part of the Outer Banks lies Buxton Woods, a protected maritime forest reserve.

It is considered somewhat unique in the world of maritime forests. Buxton Woods is far enough south that subtropical plants—especially dwarf palmetto—thrive; yet it is far enough north that the forest is dominated by hardwood trees and pine typical of temperate zones.

It is a very large area of protected forest. Abutting an area that the Dare County Water Department preserves for their wells, there is well over 2000 acres of protected maritime forest.

Some areas of the preserve are surprisingly rugged. Ridges are relict sand dunes rise steeply then plunge to fresh water ponds and swamps.

There are a number of interconnecting dirt roads throughout the preserve. 4WD vehicles are recommended. The roads also offer easy trails to follow.

Parking is limited. Easiest access is at Od Doctor’s Road. Heading south from Cape Hatteras Secondary School, it’s a dirt road about a half-mile on the left. There a small area to park there with a map kiosk.

Cape Point

The Outer Banks is known far and wide as a place with some of the best surf fishing anywhere—and the absolute best fishing on the Outer Banks is at Cape Point, the actual point of Cape Hatteras.

It is a place where currents collide creating a nutrient rich environment for the fish. There are a number of stores throughout the Outer Banks that can advise on what’s biting and the best gear.

The Point is accessible by ORV only. Because it is part of Cape Hatteras National Seashore (CHNS) an ORV permit is required.

Frisco Native American Museum

The Frisco Native American Museum on the south end of Buxton in Frisco, contains a large collection of Native American artifacts. Some are from local tribes, other items from tribes outside the area.

The museum grounds include a nature trail that is a short but interesting trail. There is also an open field used to demonstrate Native American dances and ceremonies.

Buxton Business District

As NC12 bends with the elbow of Cape Hatteras, traffic slows to 25mph and locally owned or locally managed businesses are located along the highway. There are a number of very nice but small motels like the Hatteras Island Inn on the north end, scattered throughout Buxton.

Conner's Supermarket

A part of Hatteras Island life since the 1960s, Conner’s Supermarket was founded by John and Bernice Conner and the family still owns and operates the store.

Way too big to be a convenience store, but not quite as large as a chain supermarket, the store manages to pack a remarkable amount of product and selection into its shelves.

Buxton Village Books

Located at a bend in the road with a slight rise, there is nothing quite like this little book store.In business for more than 30 years, at one time the building was a home and different rooms display books on different subjects. The store is especially well stocked with books about the Outer Banks.

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